Our Partners

The Inspiring People We Work With

Trash Free Trails

We are proud to partner with Trash Free Trails, a non-profit dedicated to protecting our trails and the wild places they take us. Their mission is to reconnect people with nature by removing single-use pollution from these environments. By encouraging and empowering individuals to take action themselves, Trash Free Trails has mobilized a community of riders, runners, and roamers to make a positive impact each time they venture outdoors.

Lindley Educational Trust

Our partnership with Lindley Educational Trust focuses on supporting Ashton Youth Club and Pitsmoor Youth Club. Located down the road from our HQ in Tameside, Manchester, Ashton Youth Club provides local teenagers with opportunities to develop essential life skills through outdoor activities like climbing and kayaking. The highlight of this partnership is the winter expedition to the Cairngorms, where young people learn vital outdoor skills, teamwork, and leadership in a challenging yet supportive environment.


We are also proud to support Kenial, an NGO that connects athletes with children in need around the world. Kenial’s projects span across multiple countries including Kenya, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, and many more. By supporting local initiatives and providing necessary resources, Kenial helps improve the lives of children in underserved communities through the power of sport and outdoor adventures.