Back in December 2019 we headed over to the Peak District to shoot the first in our ‘Connected Series’ of short films with Renha.


By her own admission, Rehna wasn’t the most reliable of young people and struggled to stay engaged when she first joined the Ashton Youth Club 10 years ago. Spin forward to today and Renha is now a qualified outdoor instructor and youth worker leading that very same program. Her passion for inspiring and instigating change in her local community of Ashton, Greater Manchester and wider communities beyond is infectious.



The Ashton Youth Club is operated by The Lindley Educational Trust and has a real focus on learning through outdoor recreation offering teenagers from all backgrounds the chance to participate in a range of activities, from climbing to kayaking. These outdoor experiences give those involved the opportunity to build essential life skills: communication, self-confidence and team work.


At Sprayway we are inspired by Renha and are proud to have supported her and the Ashton Youth Club since 2016. Photos & film: LWimage studios