The top UK Christmas hillwalks to go on this year

The top UK Christmas hillwalks to go on this year

We’re finally in the last stretch until Christmas, but there’s still plenty of time to explore the UK before it’s time to relax with the family.

In fact, Christmas is one of the best times of year to go out on the trail. It might be cold, but Winter makes for some gorgeous views.

We’ve taken a look at our picks for the best Christmas hillwalks in the UK.

Skiddaw, The Lake District


There’s plenty of sights to see in the lake district, from its gorgeous lakes, to its scenic market towns set against the backdrop of towering mountains.

And whilst we love every mountain in the Lake District, there’s something special about Skiddaw during the Winter months. As the most isolated mountain in the area, there’s unrestricted panoramic views from the summit. 

Sure, Christmastime might not have as clear skies as the height of Summer and Autumn. But there’s something about peering from the top of a mountain blanketed in snow and mist which makes up for the lack of sight.

Plus, Skiddaw is one of the easiest trails to follow. So you don’t need to change your plans if the weather is particularly bad, which is a common occurrence during Winter!


Corfe Castle, Dorset


The Norman Conquest was one of the biggest turning points in English history, leading to country-wide development. Corfe Castle is one of those developments, built by William the Conqueror after his victory.

But we doubt you came here for a history essay. Whether you’re a history buff or not, Corfe Castle is a gorgeous walk perfect for the run up to Christmas. 

That’s because it’s quite a short trail, depending on the route you take. So if you venture out here early in the morning, you’ll be treated to ethereal mists ribboning through the Corfe Castle ruins. Then, you’ll be back just in time for Christmas dinner.


Beinn Eighe, Scotland



Beinn Eighe is a vast and daunting mountain trail, with seven peaks across its entire span. In fact, two of these are classified as Munros - mountain peaks in Scotland which are over 3000ft high.

This is a steep and tough walk. In fact, hillwalkers are recommended to bring an ice-axe and crampons if there’s settled snow across the mountain. So if you’re a beginner, this might be one to work up to.

But if you do want to brave Beinn Eighe, you’ll be greatly rewarded. This mountain offers some of the most beautiful views in Scotland. Snowfall at higher altitudes is one of the most amazing sights you can experience, and more than makes up for a lower visibility compared to other seasons.


The Blorenge, Brecon Beacons



The Blorenge is our favourite hill which rhymes with orange. It’s also probably the only one. But it’s still a great hillwalk.

This roughly seven mile walk doesn’t have the roughest terrain or the highest peaks of some other trails on this list, but it’s still worth every second. 

It overlooks the valley of the River Usk, offering an incredible view of the surrounding landmarks. 

And at the height of Christmastime, the river might even be a bit frosted over. That, combined with the early morning Winter mist, makes for some amazing pictures and memories.


Snowdon, Snowdonia National Park



We’ve saved the most dramatic and famous for last. If you’re looking for a Winter-time, Christmas walk, it’s practically in the name of Wales’ most notorious mountain.

There’s six main trails you can take across Snowdon, so make sure you do some research. Whether it’s the simple but lengthy Llanberis Path, or the beautifully diverse Rhyd Ddu Path, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

We’d recommend climbing Snowdon at least once in your lifetime if you’re an avid hillwalker. And if you’re going to do it any time of year, the Christmas months would be our suggestion.

That’s because, as the name suggests, a layer of snow typically rests across Snowdon during Winter. This makes for some breathtaking and pristine views, particularly when you reach a peak and look down across the white blanket below.


Are you prepared for Christmas hillwalks?


One of the most important things before heading out on a Christmas hillwalk is being prepared.

Winter is beautiful, but it’s also harsh. Especially at the high altitudes of Snowdon and Beinn Eighe!

That’s why we’ve made it our mission at Sprayway to bring you the most suitable equipment for the job. From waterproof shells to sturdy footwear, we’ll make sure you make it to the peak of a mountain and all the way back down, too.


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