The best Summer walks in Britain

The best Summer walks in Britain

Ready for Summer? The weather’s heating up, and it’s finally time again to bring out your shorts for a season of hillwalking in the sunshine.

But have you run out of ideas for places to go, gorgeous views to see? Or maybe you’re new to hillwalking and want some pointers?

We’ve had a look at some of the best spots to venture to this Summer in Britain, and we want to share with you why they’re perfect for the hot weather.

Cwm Idwal

With both scenery and a name which wouldn’t be out of place in a Tolkien novel, Cwm Idwal lies at the northern end of Snowdonia National Park. The walk takes you around a huge lake, contained by a bowl-shaped hill. It’s a relic of the ice age, when its crystal-clear waters were a towering glacier which shaped the surrounding terrain.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous place to explore this Summer, it doesn’t get much better than this. On a clear, sunny day, the reflections from the water are a sight to behold; and at around 3 miles long, you’ll get a decent walk through its natural beauty.

Seven Sisters

Appropriately named after the seven distinct hilltops visible from a distance, Seven Sisters is breathtaking from afar and close-up. There’s two ways to approach this walk; it’s lovely to trek along the top of the cliff and experience the stunning view, or you can walk alongside the coast (if it’s low-tide!) and admire the iconic chalk sea-cliff from below.

Either way, it’s a great Summer outdoor experience. Have a seat and watch the sunset, or maybe take advantage of the weather and paddle in the sea water.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

The most iconic part of Lindisfarne might be the way to it. Twice a day, high tides swallow the pathway up to the isolated island, meaning you need to get your timings right if you don’t want to get stuck there!

Whilst you’ll need to drive to get to Lindisfarne, the rest of the island is an outdoor enthusiast and hillwalker’s dream. There’s loads to explore, with the highlight being the steep walk up to Lindisfarne Castle.

Soak up the sunshine as you adventure through this piece of history, then take a rest-stop in the castle as you take in the sunset.

Sandwood Bay

This one’s perfect for those looking for a long, but rewarding, walk. There’s no road leading to Sandwood Bay, which is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

That means you’ll have to use all of your hillwalking skills to reach the coast before you miss the peak of the sunshine.

Hardcastle Crags

There’s a reason Yorkshire is known as God’s own country. From crystal clear rivers to dune-like hills, there’s so much beauty and variety in just one region.

Hardcastle Crags is one such beauty spot which is a treat for avid hillwalkers. It’s a wooded valley with miles of paths to explore, and showcases the best Yorkshire has to offer. It’s like a greatest hits of nature.

There’s gorgeous streams, towering views, fantastical woodlands, and if you’re particularly adventurous, stepping stones across wide breadths of water.

You might be shielded from the sun deep within the woods, but during Summer rays of sunshine break through the trees for a true fairytale look.

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