The Adventure Podcast: Alishba, from Manchester to the Mountains


Episode 086 of The Adventure Podcast features 19-year old Alishba, who grew up in inner city Manchester under difficult circumstances and was introduced to the outdoors and hill walking by a local youth group run by the Lindley Educational Trust. She went on to lead others as part of the same group as well as excelling both academically and in various sports before eventually becoming head girl at her school.

Her story is unbelievably inspiring and host Matt Pycroft spent the whole thing awestruck and gobsmacked at how much one young woman could achieve in such a short space of time and with so much working against her. There’s no doubt that Alishba is a self starter that has carved her own way in this world but she’s also the first to acknowledge that the support and mentorship of others has been a huge factor in her life, particularly when it comes to her discovery of an adventurous and outdoor life. This conversation digs into some harder details. We talk about whether the outdoors really is as accessible as many of us think it is. Do people from ethnic minorities believe that to be the case and how much can we who take that unchallenged access for granted do to help others feel include. It’s an eye-opening, educational and ultimately hopeful episode.

Listen for determination, resilience, passion and hope.

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