Join us and our friends at Trash Free Trails this April for their annual Spring Trail Clean #1bagchallenge...

"Our Spring Trail Clean will always be one of the mainstays of our calendar. If there is one activity that defines and encapsulates the essence of Trash Free Trails it’s the simple act of removing single-use pollution from the places we love. One bag at a time! 

Whether you're flying solo, or coming together as a group, a trail clean is everyone’s opportunity to make a positive impact on the trails and wild places that they care about. It’s worth remembering that every single crisp packet or drink bottle ever dropped in the woods and on the moors, stuffed into dry stone walls or tossed in hedges would still be there had someone not taken the thoughtful act of picking it up and removing it.

Thanks for joining in, we can't wait to see your #1BagChallenge stories this April"

Dom, Rich, Lion, Nova and the A teamers

For more information about how to get involved this April and beyond head here

photos: Rich Baybutt