GORE-TEX, HydroDRY and weatherproof jackets: what’s the difference?

GORE-TEX, HydroDRY and weatherproof jackets: what’s the difference?


You’ve got to get the right clothing for every kind of occasion. From trekking up a mountain to exploring a valley, there’s a lot of factors which can impact your comfort and efficiency when hiking.

One of those factors is the weather. Some clothes are built to keep you as dry as a fresh towel, while others are more suited for different conditions like harsh winds.

At Sprayway, we’ve got jackets and trousers for every occasion. But how do you know which clothes to pack and which to leave at home?

We’ve put together a handy guide to the materials we use in our outer shell products and their strengths to help you decide what you need.


Some of our most popular products are our GORE-TEX waterproof clothing.

GORE-TEX is super versatile; it’s great for heavy rain, and it keeps you protected from the elements so you can remain focused on those mountains you want to climb.

But what makes it different from any other type of waterproof clothing? The short answer is: it has a breathable membrane.

Compared to other waterproof materials, GORE-TEX is uniquely designed to make sure that water stays out, but perspiration isn’t trapped in. This membrane technology works a little bit like your skin; it has millions of tiny pores that are larger than water vapour, allowing it to escape, but smaller than a water droplet. That stops rain from getting in.

That means you’re not just kept dry on the outside, but the inside, too. You’ll be nice and warm without feeling sweaty and stuffy.

Just make sure to wash and take care of your GORE-TEX clothes. The oils and sweat our bodies produce will eventually clog the membrane, reducing its breathability - but it’s nothing a good clean won’t solve.


Our very own material, HydroDRYÒ, is a great option for those looking for a waterproof item but who don’t want to spend quite as much as they would on GORE-TEX.

Don’t let the cheaper price fool you: HydroDRYÒ is completely waterproof and designed for comfort.

It’s a coated fabric, which means the outer fabric has been layered with waterproof and breathable backers to increase its functionality and keep the wearer dry. It doesn’t quite have the same properties as a GORE-TEX membrane which allow for perspiration to escape quickly, so our HydroDRYÒ products are lined with mesh or a printed backer to aid moisture management, breathability and comfort.

Our HydroDRYÒ jackets and trousers are suited for a variety of outdoor activities and weather conditions. Whether you’re just walking to work in the rain or climbing Ben Nevis, you’ll find something suitable with this material.


Now we’ve covered our waterproof range, it’s time to talk about how weatherproof clothing differs and its unique benefits.

Weatherproof clothes such as our TecWeave range are still water resistant, but are more suited to withstanding small splashes and light rain - so they won’t do you much good during Monsoon Season.

However, while they might not be as protective as GORE-TEX or HydroDRYÒ during heavy rainfall, our weatherproof clothing excels in other areas.

In fact, if you like hiking locally in the UK during spring and summer, this item of clothing might just be for you. The UK’s often sporadic and unpredictable weather means you need to be prepared for anything; you don’t want to pack a heavily layered waterproof jacket in the middle of summer just because there might be some rain.

Weatherproof clothes are lightweight and protective. They’ll shield you from sudden bursts of light rain, harsh winds, the cold… all while being breathable enough to stop you from overheating if the weather takes a pleasant turn.

DWR – Durable Water Repellent Coating

All our fabrics whether GORE-TEX, HydroDRYÒ or Weatherproof are treated with a DWR coating. This treatment creates an additional barrier to the outside of the fabric to help the water bead from the surface. Over time, however, the qualities of the DWR can reduce. Therefore as part of keeping your jacket well maintained it is essential any shell clothing is reproofed using an outdoor clothing reproofing spray or wash-in.

What should I get?

That’s up to you. Everyone hikes for different reasons, in different locations, and at different levels of experience. Every item of clothing we make has its own benefits depending on what you want to use it for.

If you’re an avid hillwalker who spends most of your time up a mountain or in the wilderness, GORE-TEX would be a great investment. That goes for beginners, too, who are looking to get more into hiking and want something practical and comfortable to wear.

But if you’re into hillwalking and looking for a lower price point, HydroDRYÒ will suit you just as well.

Take a look at our range of products, or if you’ve got a general question about which type of clothing would be right for you, get in touch.