Gifts to get for an avid hillwalker this Christmas

Gifts to get for an avid hillwalker this Christmas


We’re coming up to Christmas, and if you’re like most of the country, you’ve probably only just started shopping for gifts for your loved ones!

It’s important you find the right present, after all. And if you’ve got an avid hillwalker in your life who’s always out on the trail, it can be tough to find a worthy gift for them.

That’s why we’ve taken a look at our range for the best Christmas gifts for hillwalkers this holiday season.

So whether you’re shopping for someone else, or treating yourself to a gift this Christmas, take a look at our picks.

Santiago I.A. Jacket, for him
Atlanta I.A. Jacket, for her

Our Santiago and Atlanta interactive jackets are simultaneously effective, stylish, and affordable. Perfect as a gift for someone who’s conscious about looking good as well as staying warm.

These are built with our signature HydroDRY® technology. HydroDRY® is a waterproof membrane which keeps water out, whilst still retaining breathability and flexibility.

The affordable price makes these great as a Christmas gift if you’ve got a smaller budget, as they can be worn on their own as a regular jacket.
However, if you want to treat the person you’re buying for, these jackets can zip into a fleece for extra protection.


Santiago I.A. Fleece Jacket, for him
Atlanta I.A. Fleece Jacket, for her

Just like their waterproof counterparts, the Santiago and Atlanta Fleece Jackets are an interactive piece of clothing. That means they can either be bought on their own to wear, or they can be zipped into an I.A. jacket for even more comfort and warmth.

That makes them affordable as a one-off gift - but also an amazing present when bought in unison with a jacket.

These fleeces are made with quality polyester for extra comfort. But they’re also designed to be lightweight, so you can easily bring them along on cold hikes with a bigger jacket without taking up too much space.


Torridon Men’s Jacket, for him
Sometimes you’re buying for someone who’s close to your heart. And for them, you always want to buy the best quality, even if it’s a bit pricier. That’s the type of gift our Torridon jacket is.
Made with the highest quality materials and technologies, it’s our pinnacle hillwalking shell. In fact, when we created the Torridon, we set out specifically to design the best waterproof jacket on the market. That’s why we used GORE-TEX® technology. It’s a completely waterproof membrane made of millions of microscopic pores, which repel water droplets but allow vapour to escape.
There’s still a way to go until Summer, and so the Torridon jacket is a great Christmas present to last your loved ones throughout the colder months. Or perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself as an early Christmas celebration.
Santiago Rainpant, for him
Atlanta Rainpant, for her


Protecting the lower half of your body is just as important as protecting the top. You still lose body heat from your legs, and during the cold months around Christmas, it’s easy to neglect your lower half! But remember that this is where the water ends up from your waterproof jacket.

It’s also often harder to find trousers which are waterproof. And whilst most avid hillwalkers will probably have a good set of regular trousers, they might not always have something to throw over the top of those for extra protection.

That’s where our Santiago and Atlanta Rainpants come in handy. They’re easily packable and can be quickly put over normal trousers for wind, rain, and snow protection in the Winter months.

They’re made with our HydroDRY® technology, and are highly durable for an affordable price.


Cara Mid HydroDRY® boot, for him
Eureka Women’s Mid HydroDRY® boot, for her

Our Cara and Eureka boots are specially designed to beat the outdoors during harsher conditions. And around Christmas, that’s just what an avid hillwalker is looking for. They’re both made using our HydroDRY® technology to keep your feet dry. But they’re also made with a comfortable foot bed to keep your feet cushioned throughout the day. Shoes are always a reliable Christmas gift.
So why not appeal to a friend or family member’s love of hillwalking with something specifically designed to suit them?
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That’s just a few ideas from the top of our heads. But everyone’s looking for something different, and maybe the person you’re shopping for already has similar equipment to what we’ve suggested!

In that case, why not take a look at our full collection of clothes? We’ve got everything from shell jackets and fleeces, to footwear and accessories.
And if you do end up buying something for yourself or a loved one, and they go out on the trail in their new gear, we’d love to know! Send a picture to our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #Sprayway for a chance to feature on our social media.