Empowering Young Lives: Lindley Educational Trust's Winter Skills Course

Empowering Young Lives: Lindley Educational Trust's Winter Skills Course


We have been supporting Lindley Educational Trust and their Winter Skills Course since 2016. Every year, young people from Ashton Youth Club and Pitsmoor Youth Club make the long drive up to the challenging landscapes of the Cairngorms. This transformative program takes participants on a remarkable journey that goes beyond the physical challenges of a week on the hill in winter conditions – it's about conquering personal challenges, building resilience, and fostering a lifelong love for the outdoors.

The Winter Skills Course, spanning approximately 9 months, is designed to challenge and inspire young people from urban communities, specifically Ashton, in Manchester and Pitsmoor, in Sheffield. The course extends beyond conventional outdoor education, focusing on holistic development by instilling confidence, resilience, and essential life skills.

Preparation for Success

The comprehensive preparation includes fundraising activities, skill-building sessions, and a practice expedition, setting the stage for a life-changing experience. Participants not only learn outdoor skills but also engage in project delivery, teamwork, and problem-solving, enhancing their pre-employment skills.

Expedition in the Cairngorms

The pinnacle of the course is the expedition to the Cairngorms during the February half-term. Over 7 days and 6 nights, young individuals are immersed in full winter conditions, learning vital skills such as avalanche assessment, ice axe and crampon techniques, and winter navigation. The highlight of the week is summiting Cairn Gorm, the 6th highest mountain in the British Isles. This was the first year that the Ashton and Pitsmoor groups were able to attend the course at the same time.

Teamwork, Responsibility, and Self-Discovery

Throughout the expedition, participants work as a team, supporting each other through challenges, and taking on responsibilities such as planning, cooking, and cleaning. The experience not only builds outdoor proficiency but also nurtures teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Empowering Personal Growth

A couple of the Sprayway team headed up to Scotland to join the group for 3 days in the Cairngorms. This provided Adam, one of our marketing executives, and Jan our photographer, with first hand experience of the development of the young people and the tangible effects of the course. The Cairn Gorm summit day marked a highlight for both Adam and Jan, underscoring not only the transformative experiences offered by the course but also allowing both to see first hand the significant progress and growth of the participants. This journey highlighted the significance of Lindley Educational Trust's commitment to empowering young lives and fostering personal development through outdoor experiences.

Lindley Educational Trust's Winter Skills Course, supported by Sprayway, goes beyond teaching outdoor skills. It's a journey that empowers young lives, fosters resilience, and inspires a lifelong connection to the outdoors. As participants spend time in the mountains, they simultaneously conquer personal challenges, emerging stronger, more confident, and ready to face future challenges. The collaboration between Lindley Educational Trust and Sprayway is a testament to the positive impact that outdoor experiences can have on the lives of young individuals, shaping them into resilient, confident, and empowered leaders of tomorrow.

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