Dixie Dansercoer 1962 - 2021

Dixie Dansercoer 1962 - 2021


It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we receive the news that a member of our Sprayway family, Dixie Dansercoer has died whilst on expedition in Greenland. 

Dixie along with fellow polar adventurer Sébastien Audy were attempting to cross Greenland from Narsarsuaq to Qaanaaq by Snowkite, a journey of around 2,200 kilometres. Yesterday at 6.30pm (UTC) the pair were around 250 km north of Upernavik when Dixie fell into a crevasse. A helicopter rescue team arrived quickly at the location however the crevasse depth prevented recovery of his body. Seb was uninjured and safely evacuated. Seb made every valiant effort to assist Dixie in the hours leading to and during the rescue attempt.

Over the past 28 years Dixie had been to the poles on countless occasions, both on personal and guided expeditions. His knowledge, experience, leadership and impressive list of achievements were second to none and earned him the title of Master Guide in the International Polar Guides Association. He was an amazing mentor to many, photographer and storyteller, this shone through in his lectures and the books he wrote. 

His amazing list of polar adventurers included some true feats such as the 1997-98 South Through the Pole Expedition, an Antarctic traverse completed together with Alain Hubert. The duo later crossed the Arctic Ocean from Siberia via the North Pole to Greenland in 2007 during their 106 day Arctic Arc Expedition.

In 2012, together with Sam Deltour, he broke the world record for the longest non-motorised expedition in Antarctica. On skis, and assisted by a kite, the pair travelled at least 5013km. In 2014 Dixie, together with Eric McNair-Landry, completed a world record ski-kite circumnavigation of Greenland.

He will be greatly missed by us all.

Our thoughts are with Julie, Jasper, Evelien, Thijs and Robin.

RIP Dixie