Beating the Blue Monday blues with the outdoors

Beating the Blue Monday blues with the outdoors

The third Monday of the month. The dreaded Blue Monday.

Whether you believe it’s really the most depressing day of the year, or it’s all a myth leading to a placebo effect, it can’t be denied that January can be a slow and tiring month.

Throw a Monday into the mix - the notoriously disliked day of the week - and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that Blue Monday isn’t the most uplifting date.

But at Sprayway we like to stay positive, and we thought we’d share with you our tips to help lift your spirits. Whether you need a boost on Blue Monday itself, or the rest of January!

Take a trip outside

It goes without saying that our first piece of advice is: go outdoors! Blue Monday - and the whole of January - is a bleak time for weather, but sitting inside means you’re just seeing what it looks like. When it’s cold, grey, and damp, that can be an upsetting and deflating sight when peering out your window.

But there’s so much more to the outdoors than what the weather looks like. The fresh air, the scenery as you move away from built up areas, the energy you feel when you get active… Don’t write off a trip outside just because it’s a bit grim looking.

Plus, the great thing about January and the whole of Winter sometimes is what it looks like. One minute it might be grey outside, the next, the clouds might clear and bright sunshine illuminates your surroundings. The sun might not warm you up this time of year, but at least it looks nice.

We know that you might work on Mondays, but even a short walk to take a break can make a big difference.

Take the first step

We know it’s a bit demoralising when the weather’s bad. That can make it hard to get out from underneath your blanket and do anything, let alone go for a walk.

But once you take that first step, you won’t step back, and you won’t regret it. 

You might feel like you need to prioritise chores and productivity when you’re stuck inside. But on a day like Blue Monday, when moods are low, sometimes getting up and taking that first step outdoors is productive.

Just make sure to wrap up warm!

Go camping

Fancy taking a long weekend to yourself? There’s no point staying stuck inside for the whole duration. Why not go camping on the Blue Monday weekend to lift your spirits and have some fun?

Sure, it’s nice to go camping when the Summer sun is beating down. But if you’re a true outdoor enthusiast, you’ll relish the chillier environment.

Even if you’re not too experienced with the outdoors, camping during the Winter still has a certain charm to it. Huddling around the campfire, with a hot drink in hand, chatting to your friends or maybe reading a book if you prefer solo camping - there’s something relaxing about it all.

And on Blue Monday, isn’t a relaxing time away from the stress of being cooped up inside exactly what you need?

Challenge yourself… 

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit different to do on Blue Monday. Maybe you’ve already experienced all your nearby walking spots, and you’re struggling to motivate yourself.

In that case, one of the best ways to improve your mood is by challenging yourself. Planning a new, difficult experience is rewarding in itself - and that’s before you even undertake it. And once you’ve completed that challenge, you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence and purpose as you realise that there’s nothing you can’t do. 

But what sort of challenge could you do on Blue Monday? You could take a trip outside your comfort zone and climb a big mountain like Ben Nevis. Or, you could try to beat your record for the longest distance you’ve hillwalked.

… Or go somewhere familiar

You don’t have to push yourself on days like Blue Monday. Sometimes, to lift your mood, you just need to go somewhere you know and love.

Maybe it’s a gorgeous lake, or a relaxing woodland walk. Just getting up and about does wonders to cheer you up, and familiarity is a peaceful feeling.

You could even bring a friend along with you who hasn’t been to that spot before, and share your love for the outdoors. Who knows - maybe they’re looking to eradicate their Blue Monday blues, too!

Let Sprayway join you

Before you head out on any outdoor activity to lift your spirits during Blue Monday, you’ll need some reliable clothing to keep you warm.

It’s that time of year where the air is cold and there’s always a risk of rain. So make sure you wrap up!

Take a look at our collection of insulated and waterproof clothing to find something right for you.

And if you find yourself out and about on Blue Monday with some Sprayway gear, we’d love to know. Send us a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #Sprayway and you might appear on our social media.