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Square Sleeping Bags

Square sleeping bags are the ultimate option for a cosy night’s sleep. Also known as envelope or rectangular sleeping bags, they’re the same width at the top as they are at the bottom. This gives you plenty of space to move around in – perfect for anyone who tends to fidget when they sleep.


Unlike traditionally shaped sleeping bags, which are tapered at the end for insulation, square sleeping bags are packed with wriggle room. While mummy-shaped sleeping bags are often better for arctic expeditions and snowy climates, square sleeping bags are a much better all-around option. Whether you’re off on a camping adventure, to a festival or simply a sleepover, these comfy options can be taken anywhere.


Here at Sprayway, we have two innovative square sleeping bag styles: the Comfort and the Endeavour. As the name suggests, the Comfort range is a cosy sleeping bag that brings the comfort of your duvet with you to the tent. These luxurious sleeping bags have a double layered top and base for maximum warmth, with a 100% cotton lining for an ultra-soft feel. Perfect if you’re a total bed lover.


The Endeavour is our best traditional sleeping bag. Designed to be lightweight and suitable for 3/4 seasons, these comfy sleeping bags are the perfect partner for any camping adventure. Filled with our premium Inso/Therm insulation, this design is both warming and breathable, making it a great all-around option.


Whatever the weather, whatever the adventure, we’ve got a sleeping bag you can curl up in. Sweet dreams!


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