Kit you should have as an avid hillwalker

Kit you should have as an avid hillwalker


Every experienced hillwalker knows that good equipment can be the difference between a successful or soggy day out on the trail.

That’s because there’s no one-size fits all. Some jackets are better for windy days, and some trousers are unsuitable for when it’s wet.

In our post about kit for beginner hillwalkers, we talked about some of the essential equipment people should consider getting when they’re just starting out.

But when you’re a bit more experienced, you’ll often need a bit more. That’s why we’ve taken a look at a more extensive list of things to have in your wardrobe so you can be prepared whatever the weather, location, and intensity.

An insulated boot

Good footwear won’t just protect you from getting your feet wet, it’ll also stop them from getting injured or blistered.

And whilst we suggested a good all-round shoe for beginners, for avid hillwalkers, you’ll want a wider selection depending on the weather.

That’s why we recommend a sturdy, insulated, and waterproof boot which you can bring along when you’re expecting colder and muddier conditions.

Sprayway’s recommendation: Our Resolute HydroDRY boot for men, or our Eureka Mid Women’s HydroDRY for women. Perfect for the Winter months or those particularly muddy trails.

A reliable waterproof shell

A beginner hillwalker might not need the protection of a shell jacket. They’re more likely to be on shorter, less intensive trails where a good weatherproof can take care of most of what they need.

But if you’re heading out on the hills regularly, you’re going to need something specialised for different weather conditions. And for rainfall, there’s few things better than a strong, capable waterproof.

A GORE-TEX jacket excels in heavy rain. It keeps out rain whilst letting water vapour escape, through a membrane made of millions of microscopic pores.

But if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, our in-house HydroDRY technology does the job just as well.

Sprayway’s recommendations: For men, the Reaction Long Men’s Jacket. For women, the Reaction Long Women’s Jacket.

An insulated jacket

Rain isn’t the only poor weather condition hillwalkers run into. Not every cold day sees heavy rainfall. Most of the time, your biggest foe will be low temperatures and biting winds.

That’s when swapping your waterproof shell for an insulated jacket might be a sensible idea. They work by trapping your body heat as well as protecting you from external elements, meaning cold winds can’t touch you.

And whilst you can wear them on their own, for particularly horrible weather, you can even layer an insulated jacket under a waterproof for additional protection.

Sprayway’s recommendations: For men, the Barrett Jacket. For women, the Misten Jacket.

A lightweight pullover

Hillwalkers don’t just go out during terrible weather. The UK might not be hot most of the time, but Summer hillwalking is extremely popular and a nice treat compared to the rest of the year.

That’s why you also need to consider the most effective equipment for warmer days out. Beginners who don’t want to invest in specialised equipment might just throw on some gym clothes. But when you’re looking to make hillwalking a regular hobby, you might want a separate wardrobe with purpose-built clothes.

We’d recommend a light pullover or t-shirt. Pullovers in particular are great because, whilst remaining lightweight, they’ll also protect you as you approach higher altitudes and the air gets a bit cooler.

Plus, on really cold days, you can use your pullover as a base layer underneath a larger jacket for extra protection.

Sprayway’s recommendations: For men, the Dornie Half-Zip. For women, the Effra Half-Zip.

Waterproof trousers

If you’re an avid hillwalker, or on your way to becoming more experienced, we imagine you’ll already have a good pair of trousers like our Compass Pro Pants.

But there’s more you can, and should, do to protect your lower half.

Many hiking trousers aren’t designed to be waterproof, which means that during heavy storms you’re in for a nasty surprise as your legs get drenched.

So we’d recommend a pair of rainpants which you can throw over your regular trousers. These are completely waterproof and act as an extra layer of warmth, too, so you can avoid the wet and the cold.

Sprayway’s recommendations: For men, our Santiago Rainpant. For women, our Atlanta Rainpant. Both are made with our in-house HydroDRY waterproof technology.

Sprayway’s mission

At Sprayway, we’re dedicated to spreading our love for hillwalking to the rest of the world.

We’re trying to achieve that by creating diverse, innovative clothing for people of all ages and experience.

Heading out on the trail anytime soon? Let us know by sending a picture of yourself in your Sprayway gear to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you might feature on our social media.