How to look after your Sprayway waterproofs

How to look after your Sprayway waterproofs


A good set of waterproof clothing is essential for a hillwalk on a cold and rainy day.

Layering up with a waterproof jacket or a pair of rainpants will keep you both dry and warm, and help you make the most out of an adventure.

But just like any other item of clothing, you’ll need to take good care of it and make sure to wash it every now and then. That last part is especially true - with a physical activity like hillwalking, you don’t want to end up smelling of body odour!

However, you can’t always just stick your waterproofs in the washing machine with all your other clothes. That can damage the fabric and coatings which give them their water repellent qualities.

Here’s how you can best look after your waterproofs to keep them effective for longer.

Before and during the wash

It probably sounds obvious, but before you put anything in your washing machine, check the label. We can give some general tips and tricks here, but ultimately every piece of clothing is different - and what goes for some might not for others.

Once you’ve done that, unzip any pockets and make sure they’re empty, then zip them back up. Leaving things like tissues in there can stick to the lining of a product, which can be hard to get out and will block pores intended for breathability.

Before you put anything in the drum, we’d also recommend cleaning out the drawer with water to get rid of any detergent residue from previous washes.

During the wash

The reason we recommend cleaning out your drawer is because using the right detergent is essential for avoiding damage to your waterproofs. Use a non-bio detergent and no fabric softener - if you can, look for a detergent specifically designed for outwear.

Place your waterproofs in the washing machine, making sure there’s no other clothes in there and you’re only putting in two pieces of clothing at a time. The temperature of the wash can depend on what the label says, however generally we’d recommend 30 degrees and a low spin, relaxed setting such as delicates or hand wash.

After the wash

As they would when out in the rain, your waterproofs should be repelling the water from the washing machine still. But if you notice that your piece of clothing is absorbing some of that water, that’s a sign that it needs reproofing.

You can reproof clothes using a product made for washing and proofing. We’d recommend getting one just to be prepared for if this happens!

Next up is drying. You should air dry your waterproofs - hang them up somewhere warm so they can naturally dry. By putting them in the tumble dryer, you could damage the waterproof coating and fabric.

Sprayway’s top care tips

Although it’s tempting, don’t wash your waterproofs after every use! We design our clothes with high quality materials to ensure that they’re suitable for multiple adventures before a wash is required. We promise your clothes don’t smell as bad as you think after one use.

Our clothes are built to last, so don’t worry about getting them muddy during a hillwalk. Just make sure you brush off as much dirt as possible before washing, so it’s not being tossed around in dirty water and mud isn’t getting caked even further into the mesh.

And finally, consider reproofing your clothes a few times a year. There’s no exact recommendation of how much you should apply a proofing agent as it depends on how much you use your item of clothing. But as soon as you notice water absorbing into the fabric instead of being repelled, reproof!

The water repellency of your jacket is its first defence against the rain and is a big part of how the jacket performs in the wet (in tandem with either the HydroDry or Gore Tex laminate) to ensure you stay not only dry in the worst UK weather, but comfortable too.

Even the most expensive waterproof jacket will feel less comfortable in use if it needs re-proofing, so it’s important not to skimp on this important bit of maintenance.

If you’re looking for a reliable waterproof to get you through your next hike, take a look at our range of rainpants, jackets, footwear, and more.

And if you find yourself out on the trail with a piece of Sprayway gear, let us know. Send us a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #Sprayway for a chance to feature on our social media.