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Water-repellent Down

Here at Sprayway, we pride ourselves on durability. That’s why our down insulation is treated with a water-repellent Teflon fabric protector. This innovative treatment allows down filaments to resist moisture and dry faster, making our down products suitable for that freezing winter rain.


Down remains one of the most popular types of insulation around due to its loft (or fluffiness). This loft creates thousands of air pockets that trap warm air and retain heat. It’s also extremely lightweight and compressible, meaning our down jackets can easily fit into your rucksack.


Water-repellent down is essential for extreme wintery conditions. In addition to preventing water absorption, the Teflon treatment also helps the down retain its loft, meaning our down jackets keep you warm for longer.

If you’re headed on a winter expedition, pick up one of our water-repellent down jackets. There are a variety of Sprayway stockists up and down the country. Find your nearest store and start preparing for your next adventure.

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