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3-in-1 Jackets

3-in-1 jackets are a staple for your outdoor wardrobe. Combining a warm fleece inner with waterproof fabric, these jackets are incredibly versatile. Here at Sprayway, we design a range of men’s 3-in-1 jackets and coats, ideal for unpredictable weather.


Hiking in the freezing rain? Working outdoors? If you’re someone who lives and breathes the countryside, you can’t do better than our 3-in-1 jackets. All our coats are fully waterproof, windproof and breathable, ensuring practicality and all-day comfort. We have a selection of designs to support different types of adventures, so you’re sure to find a style to suit.


What kind of 3-in-1 jacket you’ll need depends on the kind of activity you need it for. If you’re after for an affordable option that keeps you warm and dry on your excursions, pick up our Pylos jacket. With a 2-layer Hydro/Dry® fabric and a knitted fleece inner, this handy coat is ideal for cold, wet days.


Looking for the warmest 3-in-1 jacket money can buy? Go for our Orsk coat. Featuring a fully waterproof outer and an Inso/Therm® synthetic inner, this jacket gives you a great warmth to weight ratio. And with a variety of colours to choose from, the Orsk is the easiest way to stay warm in style.


There are a variety of Sprayway stockists up and down the country. Find your nearest store and start preparing for your travels.

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