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Double Sleeping Bags

Off on a couple’s camping trip? Pick up one of our handy double sleeping bags. With heaps of room for you to cosy up with your partner, these are the ultimate sleeping options for a weekend getaway. You can also unzip these square-shaped styles, turning them into a huge, comfy duvet for summer months.


Double sleeping bags are a great choice if you’re looking to travel light on your camping trip. With plenty of room for two, you’ll only need the one sleeping bag – giving you more room for snacks and maybe even a bottle of wine. Who says camping can’t be romantic?


These roomy sleeping bags are also great for solo sleepers who like to starfish in their sleep. With plenty of extra wriggle room, they’re great for anyone who likes to spread out.


We have two twin sleeping bag styles to choose from: the Endeavour and the Comfort. Designed for performance, the Endeavour is your lightweight sleeping bag. With a premium Inso/Therm insulation and breathable outer, these practical sleeping bags are great year-round options. If you’re looking for something extra cosy, go for our Comfort twin sleeping bag. Designed with a 100% cotton lining and a double layered top and base, these luxurious sleeping bags bring the comforts of home with you wherever you go.


Ready for romance? Pick up one of our twin sleeping bags and set off for somewhere special. There are a variety of Sprayway stockists up and down the country. Find your nearest store and start preparing for your next adventure.

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