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Corporate and Social Responsibility - CP Clothing

Labour Practices

At Outdoor & Sports Company Limited we are committed to the fair working conditions of those who work in the manufacture of our products.

Since 2012 we have been working with Fair Wear Foundation, a non- profit organisation that works with brands, factories, trade unions, NGOs and sometimes governments to verify and improve workplace conditions in 11 production countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Outdoor & Sports Company Limited are signed up to the 8 -point FWF Code of Labour Practices, which are based on UN and ILO principles. FWF publicly reports on the progress of member companies towards the implementation of the Code.

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Product Supply Chain - CP Clothing

At present it is not Outdoor & Sports Company Limited policy to publish detailed information of our suppliers or supply chain.

However we are happy to share more general information about the CP Clothing Range supply chain such as number of suppliers, country of origin and the products physical journey.


The supply chain for the CP Clothing Range consists of

- 3 fabric houses/suppliers based in Taiwan

- A single manufacturing facility based in China


The first range (12 garments) of CP Clothing was produced at our Chinese factory in February and March 2018. Product was then shipped from Hong Kong Port, China by sea to Felixstowe, UK.

Once custom cleared it was then shipped first by rail to Greater Manchester and then the short distance by road to our warehouse facility in Hyde, Greater Manchester. Product is then warehoused before being despatched by courier to retail stores across the UK.

Outdoor & Sports Company Limited Restricted Substance List (RSL) and other Product Related Environmental Standards (REACH)

The manufacture and sale of products free of harmful, toxic and hazardous chemical substances is a paramount responsibility of Outdoor & Sports Company Ltd. This responsibility arises from the company's accountability to protect the environment and the general public or the people who will use our products.

Restricted Substance List (RSL)

Restricted Substances List (RSL) protocol has been created by Outdoor & Sports Company Limited as guidance document for material suppliers and product manufacturers in our supply chain. This RSL protocol includes the wide range of chemical substances that are being regulated by governments of different countries around the world where Outdoor & Sports Company Limited products are distributed and sold. Aside from government regulations, there are also chemical substances which are potentially used in the outdoor goods industry but which are regarded to have potential harmful effects to consumer health and therefore are included in the RSL. The Outdoor & Sports Company Limited RSL covers the wide range of outdoor products from footwear, apparel, and accessory.

As well as its own RSL protocol Outdoor & Sports Company Limited also ensure that its supply chain is compliant with EU REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). EU REACH regulation was published in December 2006 and came into force in June 2007. REACH was introduced to have a proper instrument in place to protect human health & the environment, to enforce better competitiveness in the Chemicals Industry and to increase transparency. The REACH requirements are to make sure that the: " Use of a chemical substance does not adversely affect either human health and/or the environment by providing documented safety information on the substance in question " To make sure that all risks for potentially causing injury and/or health concerns to both humans and the environment by the chemical itself are identified and managed Key elements are the: " Registration of substances of very high concern (SVHC) > 1 tonne/year " Increase information and communication throughout the supply chain " Evaluation of some registered substances " Authorization of substances of very high concern " Restrictions of unacceptable substances The REACH regulation also implicates a duty of information, if an article, material or preparation contains more than 0,1% (w/w) of a substance of very high concern (SVHC). The current SVHC candidate list is accessible on the ECHA homepage: here

Policy statement on Durable Water Repellant Finishes on our Products.


Durable water repellent (DWR) finishes are used on many products to help the surface shed water and to resist staining and contamination by oils. Outdoor gear has used DWR finishes on waterproofs and soft shells. They are also used extensively in furnishing and carpets for stain repellence. In the last ten years research has shown that the chemicals used in these DWR treatments accumulate in the environment and can cause harm. These are perfluorinated chemicals (PFC's). In particular C8 technology or long chain fluorochemicals were shown to be the most harmful. The first stage in the reduction of use of these compounds was to stop using C8 technology which we and most other outdoor companies did by 2014/15. Initially a simple switch was made to C6 technology, less harmful and does not accumulate in the environment. It is possible to go further and there are now an increasing number of PFC free options available. In terms of effectiveness, none of the replacement technologies are as effective as the old C8 stuff. C6 is close but does not last quite as long and the PFC free options do wear off the garment a little quicker, so reproofing is required more often. This does not affect the waterproofness of the whole garment but the surface fabric will wet out more quickly and breathability can be affected.

Our Position - January 2018

Like most brands we moved away from C8 technology as quickly as we could. We switched to C6 and still use this in the majority of our products. We are now looking at introducing a number of PFC free DWR technologies into our ranges. Our water resistant down uses a PFC free paraffin based treatment. For winter 2018 we will introduce PFC free DWR into our GORE-TEX range of waterproofs. We don't have target or end point for PFC -C6 DWR at the moment it is still the best for extreme conditions but things are changing fast and a lot of very clever people are working on it. When we can we will switch to treatments that have less impact on the environment.

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* Outdoor & Sports Company Linited are the exclusive manufacturer of CP Clothing.