Insulated Jackets

Sprayway Insulated Jackets are the most versatile piece of kit we produce, the outer fabrics of all the styles have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, designed to shed water in light rain.

In Sprayway we produce two types of insulated Jackets, those that contain natural feathers with a Water repellent finish and the second type which is constructed using Polyester Insulation (Inso Therm).

The Feather variety, or down as it is known has been a staple product for Sprayway for nearly 30 years now. This provides high warm to weight ratio and packs down to an incredibly small size for carrying during a long day out on the Hills.

The Polyster, Inso-Therm, Product type has been constructed using a synthetic insulating material that again is low in weight but does not loose the thermal properties when wet. Easily maintainable, very good to wash and dry quickly when dirty.

This category of Sprayway products are on the increase around the world, partly due to fashion but also because it is an incredibly versatile and functional product.

The ideal companion for a long day out walking, cool mornings and late afternoons with the dew forming, very light and comfortable.