Gore-Tex Jackets

Sprayway and WL Gore have worked together to provide the end user with ultimate in all weather protection coats, Waterproof, Breathable and windproof.

WL Gore, the supplier of Gore-tex fabric has been supplying brands in the UK and World markets since 1970, since 1978 Sprayway has been developing technologies with WL Gore to give the wearer the very best in waterproof technology, Guaranteed ! Sprayway were the first brand in the European market to tape a Gore-tex jacket therefore making it 100% waterproof.

Every Gore-tex jacket comes with a lifetime Guarantee and gives you the wearer the confidence to go outside even in the extremist of weather. Sprayway Gore-tex Jackets set the industry standard for the very best in Waterproofness, Breathability and windproofness, the ultimate in waterproof jackets.

All of our Gore-tex Jackets are Guaranteed to keep you Warm, dry and comfortable every step of the way.